Treat Yo’self 2015: An ode to Parks and Recreation

25 Feb

We were very late to the Parks and Recreation party. We binged on six seasons in fall of last year and fell hard. Very hard. We’ve started the series again in tandem with the airing of season seven because we couldn’t get enough. We still can’t get enough. By the time this post goes up the series will have aired it’s final episodes and my face will be puffy from the tears that I’ll undoubtedly have shed watching our favorite government department say farewell.

As soon as we watched season four, episode four we knew our own Treat Yo’self Day was in order. For the uninitiated (There are many of you. You sent me texts asking what the heck we were doing that day. It’s okay.), here’s the 2-minute summary that the YouTube user won’t let me embed here.

And if you want to read some of my favorite pieces written about the show, here’s a round-up:

Anywho, on February 12 the first annual Ziglar Treat Yo’self Day kicked off. It was glorious. Here’s what went down.

After a few finger swipes of frosting, we headed to Home Grown for the best breakfast menu item in Atlanta. To be fair, we skipped Leslie’s favorite breakfast food because we indulged in waffles during the season premiere. Look at this plate of biscuits and gravy with fried chicken and you’ll understand our choice.

#treatyoself2015 Stop 1. Comfy chicken biscuit. A photo posted by Mallory (@malcolli) on

After breakfast we had massage appointments. We skipped the acupuncture, even though Donna’s argument is a compelling one.

Then we did this. #treatyoself2015

A photo posted by Mallory (@malcolli) on

We did a lap around the mall, grabbed a coffee and headed to a movie.

On to the next stop! #treatyoself2015 A photo posted by Mallory (@malcolli) on

They’re not velvet slippies, but I was happy that my new J.Crew Vans arrived that day.

New shoes arrived on the perfect day. #treatyoself2015 A photo posted by Mallory (@malcolli) on

And finally, pizza, because pizza.


A photo posted by Mallory (@malcolli) on

Treat Yo’self Day is highly recommended. Save one of your vacation days and spend it on yourself. Do nothing. Do everything. Enjoy it. Excuse me while I go remove my running mascara. I love you and I like you, Parks and Rec.

#TBT: Vintage Florida Bridal Shower

5 Feb

Hi friends. It’s been a while. Too long, in fact. The sisters have been busy, busy, busy. All good things.

I recently shared this HGTVGardens gallery with our readers on Facebook and it made me realize that we never posted the rest of the photos from this wonderful day. In honor of #throwbackthursday, I had fun reliving the bridal shower that my sisters and friends generously threw for me back in September of 2013. Even typing “2013” now makes it feel like it was ages ago.

No detail was spared. All my favorite people were there. And what better way to end the party than with a spontaneous dip in the pool, amirite?





malshower2013-89 malshower2013-72






malshower2013-77   malshower2013-104 malshower2013-85




malshower2013-139  malshower2013-181










Mallory: More house photos

11 Aug

It’s the third month of living in our new house. Jesse and I spent a good part of Saturday scrubbing, cleaning and organizing the place after a few weekends of family and friend visits. I wrote a longer blog post about things we’ve learned from being homeowners in the first three months, but I’d much rather just share more photos of the place now that we’ve hung things on the wall and it feels more like “us.”

One thing we’ve learned since being homeowners: you can’t do everything all at once. That takes a lot of money. So we’ve got a wish list of things we want to invest in and we’ll power through it when we get the opportunity. On the list so far:

  • New bed linens
  • Front porch furniture
  • A new living room couch
  • A big living room rug
  • A bigger island in the kitchen

In the meantime, here’s a view of our hallway and bedroom. Family photos fill the gallery wall and the carpet runner came from my grandparents’ house.




Owen drew the Harry Potter art during his visit earlier this month. He’s got some serious talent.





It’s all a work-in-progress, but it feels good to get stuff off of the floor and onto the walls. 

Mallory: Inside Georgia Avenue

3 May

Today was the first day in the new house. It’s still empty, but we’re in love. We picked up coffee from our new favorite coffee/cocktail/pastry shop, did a little cleaning, bought some paint samples and started envisioning what it’s going to be like to live here. We’re giddy like little kids.

Henry got to see his new house for the first time, too. He picked out a comfy spot by the fireplace, sniffed all the baseboards and peed on most of the ferns in the backyard. Territory: marked.

I took a few shots with the camera this morning, but left out the bedrooms and bathrooms. I’ll share those next time. For now, here’s a peek:


View from the front door


Front door


Entry / Foyer

At first I thought the stripes in the foyer had to go, but they’re growing on me. For now, the living room will stay light blue but the yellow in the dining room is getting the axe. We’re leaning toward a very light grey to brighten up the dark space.


Living room


Dining room


Dining room, looking into the kitchen, with original 1920s pocket doors.

The kitchen is cook-in-ready. The little island was left behind by the sellers, but we envision something slightly larger in the future. The space is wide enough to fit something more substantial. The open door leads to the deck and backyard.